Navigation Tips For Adventure Racers

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This is a website about navigation - primarily the navigation that occurs in adventure racing, or in rogaines (a type of orienteering event), or when out in the wilderness using just a map and a compass to get around.

There are quite a few sites on navigation - mostly land navigation and mostly slanted towards orienteering. However, navigation during adventure races can be (and usually is) a bit different from the type of navigation that is done at orienteering meets.

Who's Reading?

Orienteerers use a map and a compass, but the maps are typically at 1:10000 or 1:15000 scale with a lot of detail and mostly, they are very accurate - having been created for the event. A typical orienteering course is 3-10 kilometers and takes up to about 90 minutes.

Adventure racing is quite different. For one thing, the distances are much greater. Racers can travel for days covering hundreds of miles over vastly different terrain. Adventure racers find themselves navigating in forests, deserts, river systems, oceans, and deserts. And not always on foot. There's a different approach when navigating on a mountain bicycle or in a sea kayak.


For now, I'm going to post an article every week or two on some random tidbit dealing with adventure racing navigation. I'm also going to create some short practice exercises with some of the posts. If you want to get an email when I post, just add yourself to my  email list.

Eventually, I plan to organize all the posts into some nice categories and maybe even make a book out of them, so please let me know what you think by commenting on the posts - good or bad.

There is also a  glossary (in the works) of pertinent terms about maps, compasses, land features, and navigation.

Here's a  searchable list of all the navigation tips so far.

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